2020 taught me this

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Do you ever think about how amazing those moments where time doesn’t exist are?

Where you are just so in the moment that there is no concept of what the time is or how long it’s been?

Do you know how to bring this into your every day living?

I get so excited when I have my moments of realization that I’ve just been living in the now moment and have no idea how 5 hours have gone past.

Im not talking about spending 5 hours watching Netflix either. I’m talking about the moments of deep conversation, or solitude, moments of pure joy and laughter that seem to go past so quickly yet when you check the time it’s actually been hours upon hours.

These are the moments I relish. These are the moments I’m working on creating more of in my life.

I truly think 2020 taught so many of us the power of surrender and living in the now.

After the year that was 2020 when things went haywire, plans were halted, everyone was forced to think about how they were living their life, how could we all not grow a new appreciation for life and living now?









Nourish. Body, mind and soul.

Smile – A lot. You never know who is needing to see it.






Listen. With your heart.

Though there are people doing horrible things there are also people doing great things. Remember that.

Life is a ceremony. It just is.

Every moment. Every step. Every breath.

Cherish it.

If you aren’t living in the now you are missing so much.

That is what 2020 gave me.

What did 2020 gift you?

Xo S

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