Category: Self Development

Stay the Path

As I scroll through my Facebook memories I always see the inspirational quotes and statements I used to share. And all the people who would comment saying they loved my positivity or how reading that status changed their day or a myriad of other statements that were in support of what I was doing. Yet

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Finding myself

This weekend I have committed to a 3 day retreat, which was offered to those of us in the Create Live Grow soul family. I came to find myself or have some time to myself or at least help my journey anyway. I knew it would be a safe space to experience everything I could

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Me too

I was inspired to write this post after seeing so many share these two words. I’ve wanted to write this so many times and have started many times too but have always been scared to commit. But now I have. It’s scary, my heart is racing in this moment but if it helps the greater

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