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So much can be said in silence The way a body moves The sparkle in someone’s eyes Feeling inwards, unable to speak verbal language Yet my world speaks to me, in silence Distractions This and that The rain sounds pretty Wait, what was that thought? Beauty surrounds me In the stillness of the world, of

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And she has risen

From the ashes of the fire she rose She had journeyed into her heart to retrieve the pieces of her soul that had been fragmented. Healing all that wasn’t hers to hold. Releasing the demons that plagued her inner most being. She embraced the pain, she embraced it for all that it meant. For all

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She is You

Dreamweaver Soul awakening Magic fire within Passionate Motivated Mind open, exploring The stars shine The universe knows Enveloped in the earth The dew drops tenderly kiss her face The moon smiles with her The tears silently stream the gratitude for what she is here to fulfil She is held So deeply by the sisters who

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