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My insides betrayed me Pt 2

Part 2 of my Pancreatic Cancer journey

It’s been a bad week

This past week has been a shit one. Yep I said it. I have felt all over the show emotion wise, without an evident reason. But then my husband injured himself really badly on his bike and now is struggling to walk, which means he can’t be out in the truck, which means paying an

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Let your feet move you

As our feet move forward As they carry us to our next destination As they move our souls forward to the deepest desires of the longing of our hearts We nurture them Letting our feet dance our mysteries into the darkness Letting our feet dabble in the misty cool water of the ocean at sunrise

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How to live your life fulfilled

My life is out of this world these days. Friendships are magical. Sex is on fire. My home is my safe space. And what changed to make it all like this? Oh, only everything. I would love to say nothing happened. Life just got great. But I would be lying. I’ve traversed the depths of

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Bored with it all

I am so bored with the “I got my vaccine” posts 🙄 I am so bored with the “I’m never getting that vaccine” posts 🙄 I am so bored with the mind control and bullshit and holier than thou attitudes being shared on social media. I am so bored with the people who say they

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A fear of fear?

Have you ever experienced the fear of fear? Fear gets to the best of us at times. And sometimes it is nothing more than a fear of being afraid itself. All of us have experienced fear at some point in our lives and I feel like the state of the world right now is causing

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I am not here for it

You can keep the friendships where you gossip and bitch about others instead of having conversations about what the actual issue is. You can keep the friendships where you feel you need to compete with each other. You can keep the friendships that are only one sided. You can keep the friendships of convenience. I

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When you feel that heaviness what do you do? Do you allow it to flow or do you tighten up like a screw? Forcing things into holes that they don’t really fit. Hoping maybe one day you will manage to forget all about it. Praying those feelings will just disappear But instead finding out they

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Tired of feeling it all?

Today I am tired. Today I want to cry. And rage. Seeing that some people value their lives and health at the cost of a doughnut, a beer, $300. To see the utter vitriol being spewed forth by some breaks my heart. I want to go back into my shell and sleep forever and never

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Stretch marks are normal

I’ve seen all the creams and surgeries and tips on getting rid of my stretch marks. And yes I have tried many of them myself. I’ve now also spent a long time loving my stretch marks and the way they sit on my body. I love the dimples, I love the colours, I love what

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