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Revisiting my old self

The other night I thought to myself, after hearing numerous times about all the stuff I used to do, that I would give old Shannii a rerun. The Shannii who didn’t speak up and just people pleased because it was just easier. Except this time it wasn’t. And I realized how often I used to

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Who are you?

So many people go through life being who they think they are, who others say they are or who they think they should be, when who they truly are is submerged beneath conformity, habit, stereotypes, cultural expectations and other people’s opinions. So ask yourself who you are and assume, just for a minute, that you

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What is a safe space?

It’s virtually impossible to be a strong space holder unless we have others who will hold space for us. We need to know there are some who we can be vulnerable with without fear of being judged. To truly support people we cannot take their power away, instead we get to empower them to make

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