New chapter in life

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I don’t want to die, I have so much to live for.

The next chapter in life as a woman and mother has begun…

The biggest damned realization occurred to me this past week.

I’ve spent my life unafraid to die, because I actually wanted to.

But now I have so much to live for the idea of dying is not appealing anymore.

It’s not that I’m afraid of what happens when we die. I know that part. I feel that part. And it’s beautiful.

But I love the beauty in life right now.

The people. The experiences. The sounds. The visions.

I love it all.

And the moment I had that realization was such a holy fuck moment for me, that I didn’t want to admit.

And yet I did. In front of 34 people. Who held the most beautiful space for me to express my truth.

And that’s the beauty of Awaken. We are free to be all of who we are in every moment.

I left the retreat a different woman.

I released years and lifetimes of family trauma from my lineage.

And I arrived home to the news I’m going to be a grandma! Or should I say Glamma 😝

It’s funny because I always said to the kids to wait until I’m at least 40 before they have kids. And this baby will be born in my 40th year of life on earth but before my day of birth celebrating my 40th. Close enough kids 🤣

This is it. Grandchild number one has decided to be a 2022 baby.

I’m excited for this next step in my life. And I know why I finally received and released and unblocked and unlocked all I needed to those past 5 days ❤️

Bring on the next chapter 😍✨ September 2022

Glamma Shannii and Gdaddy Rory are on the way


Xo S

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