This is a part of me

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I embody the essence of Mother Nature as a wild and free soul.

And while I do love people I often need time away from everyone and everything to recharge, preferably in nature somewhere.

I can be a little crazy and irrational if this balance goes off kilter. Also if I’m not fed.

Only people who are working to understand and master their own energy are invited into my personal space.

And when you get to know me better you will find a magnetic, fiery soul beneath the surface. Or maybe on top depending on which day you catch me.

I truly appreciate the tools that allow access to wisdom beyond what I can see.

Oceans and forests are calling my name and my vessel always.

What people say behind my back never matters because none of them ever have had the guts to say it to my face. Their perceptions are simply that – theirs.

What I offer is more than good enough and anyone who chooses to walk away from that, that’s on them.

But it’s time for this wild and free soul to rest ❤️

Xo S

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