Celebrate yourself daily

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Forever congratulating myself for the success I have that no one knows about.

Got up this morning when I wanted to stay in bed and hide? Congrats.

Said no to that cup of coffee because I know it will make me feel like shit? Congrats.

Had a massive conversation about uncomfortable things with a person I needed to? Congrats.

Sat with myself in silence and contemplated my life and what I can do to uplevel it? Congrats.

Ate a home cooked meal instead of taking the easy option and getting takeaway? Congrats.

There are so many things that happen behind the scenes that we forget to pat ourselves on the back for.

This is the reason you cannot compare your life to social media and what others share.

I barely even share my story anywhere besides my blog these days.

You may see a post here or there and think wow she has it all.

And I do. I truly live my life. And love it.

But that does not mean that sometimes I feel unseen and unheard and I’m not crying because I just want to spend time with someone who is too busy to spend time with me (in my own head)

That does not mean that every day I’m not putting in whatever effort I need to for the conversations, and the self care, and whatever needs to happen.

There is so much that happens behind closed doors for every single person on this planet.

If we stop comparing and start understanding we are all doing our best whether we are sharing it or not then we can experience a shift.

A shift that will have us realising that we all each get our moments every day, and we get to choose what we do with those moments.

Learning how to have boundaries so every moment can be honoured is important.

Learning how to choose ourselves not from a place of trauma is important.

Congratulating ourselves for all the unseen experiences is important.

What can you celebrate yourself for today?

Xo S

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