Energy in Motion

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Just felt called to clarify about negative thoughts. Or what are perceived as negative thoughts.

Because online, outside of my current world, I see so many people just beginning their journeys of self love and spirituality and law of attraction thinking they need to only be positive and share positive and anything other than that is frowned upon.

So here goes:

All emotions are valid.

All emotions are real.

Having a down day does not make for a negative life. If you do not feel through those emotions and just ‘fake smile and positive affirmation’ your way out of it instead of truly feeling it then it will keep on coming back. And who actually wants that?

‘Good’ or ‘bad’ emotions are simply energy in motion within our body. If you try and stop them from moving then they will get stuck. And this is when we end up with things like disease.

They say that an emotion only lasts for 90seconds in your body. Having said that, once this emotion moves through you, you will still need to process the thought patterns and actions that came with those emotions.

Allowing those emotions to move through your body is your key to freedom. When you start processing the emotions in the moment instead of spiritually bypassing then you begin to realize the difference in your body.

And when you process and move on you begin to notice that when those emotions arise again you aren’t attaching all the past traumas that used to be attached to those emotions to help you stay in that emotion for longer.

You process the anger or hurt or pain or whatever the emotion may be for what the experience actually is rather than all the experiences that came before it.

Feel it in your body, breathe through it and don’t hold yourself in it for longer than you need to. You can actually feel the emotions leave your body so allow them to leave when they have been processed.

Does this mean they won’t return? No because we are humans having a human experience and this means experiencing all emotions whether we perceive them as good or bad. By the way they are neither. As I said before they are simply energy in motion

– E-motion.

There are ways to lift your vibration out of these lower vibrational frequencies. However, you want to move through those emotions first!

For example if you are feeling bottled up and angry you could do a long, loud primal scream to release these emotions (I did this just a couple of nights ago) or sometimes listening to a song that makes you want to stomp your feet (did this too). Then when you feel that has moved through your body you get to put on a song that makes you feel good and dance to it. Or put on a funny comedy. Anything that you know has you feeling complete joy. Joy is one of the highest vibrations we can operate in.

And you can’t feel both happy and sad at the same time.

If you struggle to move through the emotions without getting attached to them, try reaching out to a friend for support, although I often like to ask my friends if they are in a space to receive me first because life happens and we aren’t always in a receiving space. If you don’t have a friend or trusted person then find a therapist or coach, someone who is experienced in helping the emotions move.

One such experience that truly helped me move through all these emotions and gain better control of them was committing myself to an NLP breakthrough session. In these sessions you go deep into the reasons you experience all of these emotions so powerfully and work through them until you get to a point where your limiting beliefs are no longer having the same power over you as they once were! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch so I can give you the details of an amazing practitioner.

The best part? When you release those negative emotions you have room to fill the space vacated with more of the joy and happiness and feel good stuff! I highly recommend you do that!

Xo S

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