Find yourself before getting in a relationship?

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If you are in a position to really find yourself before getting involved with another human – amazing!

If however, like me, you are already married or in a long term relationship I have something to say to you. (I will use the term marriage from here on)

Marriage is the ultimate training ground. And sometimes with all the noise online saying it shouldn’t be this or that, it is easy to get pulled into the idea that what you have isn’t really amazing and there might be better out there for you.

But if you are both choosing each other daily, growing separately and coming back together, then pay no attention to the noise online who aren’t in long term relationships or haven’t been for a while.

Deep down, you know if you want to be there or not.

14 years with my hubby has taught me that all it comes down to is choosing each other.

Each and every day you wake up is a new day for you to choose.

Finding new ways to be together.

Exploring ways to connect more deeply and on different levels to keep that polarity alive.

Don’t jump off the cliff just because it’s hard right now.

Or do. It’s still your choice.

Just ensure you are making the choice for your highest happiness and not to follow what someone else believes to be true.

The amount of experiences we would have missed out on that have changed our lives together is numerous.

Because we choose not to listen to the noise outside of our own togetherness.

Your perception of your relationship is the most important one.

Xo S

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