A man up for a challenge

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No matter what I challenge this man with he always steps up to it.

I don’t know or respect another man more deeply than I do him.

I married him for a reason. Not that I knew it back then.

He willingly owns every part of himself even when his ego doesn’t want him to.

The things he owns most men would deny to their deaths that they ever had a part in.

I’ve challenged and pushed him constantly to step up and be the man I need to be able to own my full power.

Thank God he loves a challenge!

And yet the thing that was needed most was my surrender to him.

He did everything in his power to give me a safe space to trust and fall into.

And I deeply honour his willingness to be a true divine man that my sons can look to aspire to be like.

There isn’t a single emotion I haven’t seen him experience and share and learn from.

I’m so proud of the man he has grown into in the 14 years we have been together.

And I just wanted to take today to honour him in that.

I love you deeply Rory.

Thank you for accepting me in my dark and helping me come into the light, not that I don’t love my dark 😜❤️😘

Xo S

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