Is this True Love?

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Me and this beautiful human I get to call my husband, we got together as what may as well have been still babies. I was 24 and he was 20.

I was divorced with two kids. He had just got out of his 2 year first relationship with his gf.

Together we have made every mistake you could possibly make in a relationship.

Mistakes, that if we listen to what everyone tells us now, would have ended our relationship.

And it always makes me think-

All the advice out there is to find yourself before you meet your love.

You will never attract your love if you haven’t done the inner work.

And I can’t help but feel that maybe this is why so many relationships seem to fail these days?

We are being told that if it is hard or doesn’t feel right then we should leave.

And maybe this advice is perfect for those who are single. Because what better is there to do than self development so that when your love comes along you have the capacity to hold it.

But do you know how many times Rory and I have felt like this relationship was too hard? So many we have lost count!

(If there is abuse I am not saying to stay and try work on it, your safety comes first)

When you start growing and your partner doesn’t seem to be growing with you that doesn’t mean you need to leave then and there.

Sometimes your growth inspires your partner to step into their growth.

And sometimes it doesn’t.

But wouldn’t you rather have given this person you claim to love the chance to grow with you?

When I read the advice and see what people are telling people sometimes I feel as though maybe we have done it wrong. I’ve literally allowed it to have me question if Rory and I are doing it wrong.

But then I remember we have been together almost 14 years so if we are doing it wrong then we are doing a good job of it! 😂

Come to me with your relationship advice when you have been together this long and maybe I might be interested in what you have to say. (Oh hello Ego I see you)

Until then I’m going to keep choosing my husband every day.

Because that is what a relationship is.

Choosing your partner each new day that dawns.

No attachment to how it is supposed to look or how long it is meant to last.

True love is having the freedom to leave and choosing not to.

True love is living the life of your dreams and having your partner cheer you on whether it’s with you in the moment or from the sidelines witnessing you.

The only time we have is now, and that’s how Rory and I choose to live and love each other ❤️

We may not have found ourselves before we got together but the beauty of finding ourselves while being in relationship with each other is beyond words.

This man and his soul have truly helped my soul evolve to its next levels and for that I am and always will be truly grateful.

And if the time ever comes that we choose to step out of this Union I know that both of us will be leaving as humans who have evolved immensely.

And also knowing that anything we haven’t resolved together will be taken into the next relationship with us.

Let go of the idea that love is a fairytale and it’s all sunshine and rainbows.

Because it will challenge you to your depths if you let it and it’s truly a beautiful thing ❤️

Oh and Happy Birthday for today lover 😜😍❤️

Xo S

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