Does enjoying horror movies make me a bad person?

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I’ve been pondering my upbringing recently.

Especially after purchasing this awesome I love horror blanket.

How many Horror movies have you seen?

I grew up watching Disney and Horror movies.

Friends even refer to me as a real life Disney fairy princess, that’s how much I’m known for my love of these movies.

If I believe what everyone says about these movies I am apparently a serial killer in the making and I’ve been groomed for pedophilia.

If you have been in my life for a while you would have seen my visits to Disneyland and my love of Disney and Horror.

Shanghai Disneyland at Halloween time

I love attending fright nights and spent 3 weeks in America at Halloween doing all their Halloween theme park fun stuff. Enjoying being given a fright finally because Australia’s ones just don’t achieve it for me yet I still love going anyway.

My fav horror movie characters are Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers.

I don’t find scary movies scary because I can always tell what is going to happen.

These days scary movies are more about gore than scaring you so I don’t even include those movies in horror movies.

Scary movies have a good anchor for me because it was what we did at every sleepover growing up. Watch a scary movie then watch a comedy and it was fun.

But if I believe everything everyone says I am able to watch horrors happen to people without worrying about it.

Except I almost fainted, vomited and cried watching my son have a polyp removed from his ear.

If I see a real picture or video or something in person it makes me sick to my stomach.

Maybe I can easily watch those movies because I can see that what is happening isn’t real? Even if the horrors may be happening in real life the movie isn’t actually real.

Maybe I have the ability to respond from a place of reality rather than taking something on within myself?

I rewatched the Disney movies everyone is saying are disgusting to find that the things everyone speaks about in those movies have been removed.

Does that mean the people running it aren’t pedophiles? No. It does tell me that there is someone out there trying to make things right though.

Which is ultimately the desire isn’t it?

I don’t have an actual answer for any of this.

But I know I’m not a killer.

Or a shitty person (at least not intentionally)

And also, maybe I’m part of the problem 🤷🏽‍♀️

I don’t know. But I’m not afraid to question everything.

What I do know is Everything touches Everything.

And I mean Everything.

What are your thoughts? Do you watch horrors? And Disney?

Have you heard about these stories being shared?

Xo S

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