You can’t be spiritual if you do that


I am a woman who will drink soft drink while eating a salad.

The type who will visit the mob museum and follow it up with the Titanic exhibit when in Vegas.

The type of woman who will gladly jump in the water with sharks and even swim towards them but almost break down and cry while doing a treetops adventure course.

Some days I wear crowns and other days I don’t brush my hair.

Mer-Fairy Crown Creation at ClaimYourQueen workshop

I can scream in pleasure but also in pain.

I buy organic produce a lot but also love drizzling cheese over those veggies and pigging out on Ben and Jerry’s Icecream and Red Rock deli Sweet Chili and sour cream chips.

I was vegetarian for almost 7 years but now choose to eat meat when I feel my body desires to.

I love water fasting and how my body feels during and after and yet some days I drink no water at all.

I can listen to literally any type of music from Mozart to Pantera, Disney classics to country and have been witnessed singing all the lyrics to DMX and Salt n Pepa among many others.

I have tattoos on my hands as well as my chest, back, ankles and inside an ear but only have my ears pierced.

Sometimes I wear gold jewelry and other days I wear crystals.

Sometimes I twerk and have my ass and tits hanging out and other days I’m covered from head to toe and sitting down just listening.

I have experienced violence and sexual abuse and had to work on allowing people into my space and I can also be upset at other people for holding me at arms length when I want to connect. I have also experienced the most amazing out of this world sexual experiences that are indescribable with the spoken and written language.

Sometimes I am dolled up and pretty and other times I’m so underdressed people ask if I’m out in my pyjamas.

Spiritual bad asses

I am filled with so much love and compassion and yet in the past when in my depths I have been known to road rage and slam on my breaks making the car behind hit me. This also became a sign that my mental health was on the decline and I needed to get some help ASAP.

I can see healers and practitioners and have explored mainstream options as well as many others.

I only recently have been able to sit in meditation for longer than 5 mins. I found it boring before this.

I love the silence and can be within it for hours but also love nothing better than the loud sound and vibration of a subwoofer and dancing away the night.

Some days I’m super active doing all the things and other days I don’t get out of bed.

I love reading but I hate audiobooks.

I love travelling and volunteering for amazing causes but also won’t hesitate to splash cash on myself if I desire. I have some $1000 shoes in my wardrobe and also $20 shoes and yet some days I just prefer to be barefoot.

I love watching horror movies and yet I almost cried, fainted and vomited when watching my son have a polyp removed from his ear and seeing the blood.

I enjoy cocktails and wine but have also experienced some of the depths with plant medicines.

I have had shit spoken about me and have also done the shit talking.

I have worked for companies and now work for myself.

I have spoken my truth and I have also stayed quiet when I didn’t feel I could.

I have sworn and cursed at others and yet also squirm when I hear the word cunt.

I have had Botox and filler and surgeries and worried about how I looked and also did a year makeup free.

I have made mistakes when it comes to parenting and yet been told I am an amazing parent.

I love being in the stars and experiencing magic and I also have learnt how magical it is to be grounded.

What is the point of saying all this?

Besides the fact I have realized I came here to experience life as a human and all it has to offer…

Well people think that to be a good person, a spiritual person, you need to get it all right.

That you need to do certain things to be in the spiritual gang.

But being spiritual isn’t about getting it perfect.

It’s about the journey, the things you learn on the way.

It’s about being able to say maybe I had that wrong and I apologize.

It’s about being open-minded and open-hearted and realizing there is so much that I don’t know.

You don’t have to sage and sit in ceremony to be spiritual.

You just are. We all are.

Life is a ceremony.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing what the books say are all the right things spiritually if inside you are still hating yourself or others.

Treat people how you would like to be treated, it’s that easy.

Don’t set out to purposefully hurt people and you are there.

Don’t be afraid. You will make mistakes. We all do. Life isn’t about getting it right the first try. It’s about continuing to try.

Xo S

10 comments on “You can’t be spiritual if you do that”

  1. I too was a vegetarian for some years (no reason, just wanted to), then started eating meat again. And I now have been doing IF for a few years. Great to meet people with something in common on WordPress. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love all the paradox’s in these beautifully weaved words.
    It reminds me of how I love being strong yet soft and all the other polar feelings that show me that I am alive & evolving.
    Thankyou for sharing sista 💕


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