My belief about leadership


Leadership isn’t just about the loud people out in the front!

If you want to be truly seen – be yourself.

I’m seen in my quiet confidence. I’ve been told it radiates.

I’ve stopped listening to the people who told me to stop being invisible.

Because I know I’m not invisible where it really matters.

Sometimes leadership is in the moments where someone reaches out to you and you tell them how proud you are of them.

That’s leadership. It’s not loud leadership yet it is leadership.


Because you are creating change. You are supporting another human being to go out there and do what they do for another day.

So screw the ‘you have to be loud to be seen’ consensus.

That’s cool if loud is who you are but if it means I have to be someone I’m not, then that doesn’t fit with me sharing my truth.

And when I get compliments like people saying “they feel I have the authenticity piece and they see the realness from me” then I know that I’m sharing what I’m supposed to be sharing.

My loud may seem like a whisper to some but to others it’s not.

And your leadership will be the same for the people who are meant to hear your message.

I see the truth in people. And people feel that. I’ve lost count of how many times someone has said to me “I know you see me.”

I’m not invisible, I just don’t make myself known to everyone how others say I should.

I used to get upset if someone didn’t remember me or my name.

Talk about blow to my ego.

I used to get upset if I could feel someone wasn’t being real about something. Maybe that was my abandonment wound playing out or maybe it’s actually my killer intuition telling me someone isn’t being real 🤷🏽‍♀️but I won’t lie, of course there are occasions where it still plays on my mind, because we all do ultimately want to be seen.

But my awareness now is that I know it’s nothing to do with me if they don’t and more about them. And that sometimes people just don’t remember names. I’m a shocker for remembering names, and faces 😂

Sometimes I just get to remind myself.

Maybe sometimes you get to remind yourself too.

Be you. Nobody else. Because no one is you and that is your super power. Always remember that. That’s why I will always keep repeating it too.

Xo S

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