2018 New me? Not likely

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2016 was the year I found me, the new me if you will.

It’s the year I started doing the things I had only dreamed of previously.

I signed up and completed a Habitats for Humanity home.

I traveled for 3 weeks in America being the child that I never had the chance to be.

2017 I continued on this journey of being the person I have always dreamed of.

I completed more things that took me out of my comfort zone.

I discovered new things about me I had not known before now.

My caterpillar was most definitely blossoming into her butterfly.

Was it easy? No. Did I have hard times? Most certainly. But I still had some amazing moments and that’s really all that matters.

So 2018, what is in store?

Well I know the person I am now and who I want to be around and the activities and projects I want to be involved with.

I know the people I do and don’t want to be surrounded with.

I’ve seen competitive people come and go, I’ve seen the non-genuine souls gain love and trust and the genuine get pushed to the side. I’ve seen heartache and love. I’ve felt heartache and love.

In 2018, perseverance for me is definitely on the cards. It’s one thing I’ve come to realize I have a lot of.

2018 will be no different. No New Years resolutions for me. I don’t need them.

Hopefully another Habitats build is on the cards. That would make my heart happy.

So goodbye 2017, I’ve started some wonderful things with you and now it’s time for 2018 to bring more of the same and better.

There will no doubt still be those hard times, those heart aches, those tears, but there will also be some triumphs, some tender moments and some love. No doubt ❤️

Wishing those of you who read this all the best for the new year and what is to come for all of us.

Happy New Year

Xo S

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