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As I scroll through my Facebook memories I always see the inspirational quotes and statements I used to share. And all the people who would comment saying they loved my positivity or how reading that status changed their day or a myriad of other statements that were in support of what I was doing.

Yet now, as I have this blog, and share similar if not the same style of writings and quotes, those people aren’t anywhere to be found?

Is it because I am no longer in the deepest darkest depths of my depression that my inspiration no longer serves them to make them feel better?

Because if I can generally be out of that hole, what excuse do they have to stay stuck where they are?

I never pretend to have a perfectly happy life. This blog is proof of that.

Sometimes the most hurt comes from those closest to us. When a stranger is giving you more support than those who are supposed to be your friends that can cause grief.

But we must not hand our power over to those people.

We must remember that we are all in different stages of life. Just because those people were some of your biggest supporters back then doesn’t mean that they are at a stage to feel what you are writing now.

Of course that doesn’t mean there is any less love. We must appreciate those people for being there, even if it was only during the dark times and not the good.

As the saying goes everyone is in your life for a reason.

Don’t take it personal. After all, likes and comments are only a part of the social media world. They don’t mean anything in real life. People can get hundreds of likes on photos and be alone in their home.

Xo S

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