How much love do you give yourself?

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The more I crack open deeply, the more parts of myself I find that I haven’t been giving love to.

And the deeper I go the more I discover the depths of love I still have to give to the parts of myself I thought I had been loving wholly.

It’s been a powerful journey of discovery learning how deeply I am able to love.

When I look back at the young woman I used to be who had no feelings and didn’t cry I truly realise how far I have come.

It can be such a void to find yourself in when you don’t feel anything.

Most of the time those who have stopped feeling have actually come from a place of feeling everything so deeply and getting hurt that it flings back to the other side.

What parts of yourself do you try to ignore and hide away?

Is it loneliness? Unworthiness? Abandonment? Sadness?

What parts of your emotions do you lock away because we have been told that it’s not ok to feel them?

What parts do you keep out of your heart and not show any love and compassion towards?

What would happen if you let some of them into your heart?

What would happen if you gave them some love and compassion and welcomed them and told them they are seen?

All emotions are asking us to look at something within ourselves.

It doesn’t have to mean it’s good or bad.

The sooner we stop labeling them as one or the other the sooner they are able to move through our bodies.

Xo S

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