No to Societal Conditioning

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Societal conditioning tells me that I should be worried. (I’m not)

That it’s not ok to have close relationships with the opposite sex. (It is)

That you should only get your needs met by your partner. (Nope)

I call bullshit.

Humans originally were raised in tribes. Where we all lent on each other and had infinite amounts of support.

Apparently we need to have our needs met by 7 different humans in life.

If I listened to what society says instead of my heart I would be holding my husband back from achieving his dreams.

The first time he told me he wants to present to hundreds/thousands/millions of people I was like amazing. I’ll be on the sidelines cheering.

Every time someone mentions us doing something together my body contracts. It doesn’t feel good. Because I know the dreams he has and they aren’t my dreams.

And that’s totally ok!

It’s not what I’m here to do. Not in that form anyway.

My magic is in the space I hold, the calm essence I bring to any room I enter, in the close relationships I build with people.

I’m not designed to be Tony Robbins at the front amping people up 😂 or at least I don’t choose to be.

This woman has changed my life and taken all that pressure off me. Her dreams match with Rory’s and them two together are magical.

The way they weave and interact within their space is a blessing to witness.

If society realized that just because you have a connection does not mean you have to be romantic so many lives could be changed.

I am not interested in boxing myself into the story of having to be the one to meet all of his needs.

I am not into control and telling my husband who he can and can’t be in relationship with. That’s not love.

Especially not when we have so many epic men and women surrounding us that we can lean on for support.

Almost 14 years we have been ‘working’ together. It’s been one big adventure.

And I am still supporting him.

I am probably being a better support now because I don’t have the pressure I placed on myself to train myself to be on large stages because that is what he wanted, what I had been told I should aim for, even though it wasn’t what I wanted.

Has it come with challenges? Yes. All down to societal conditioning. Rory had to wrestle with his own internal stuff because everything that is taught growing up was that it was wrong for him to be connecting with someone who isn’t his wife.

And I had to wrestle with not being the one beside him like most other couples I see creating epicness together. What will people think of us? Will they think our relationship is shit? Blah blah fucking blah!

Comparison is a true killer of joy! Thankfully I didn’t get stuck in that trap!

So for me to be at their event and cheer them on felt like a massive weight had been shifted. For both of us.

Ignite Your Worth November 2020

I have no doubt they will achieve what they set out to do and I’ll be there right beside them doing whatever I need to in my own magic.

My human design says I’m supposed to support the change makers in the world.

Be the one behind the people on the stage.

And I’ve never believed that more than I do now.

Unite Rise Thrive ❤️

I freaking love these two! ❤️💫

PS their next Ignite your worth event is on Mar 13th head to Ignite Your Worth – The Upgrade for more information and to get your tickets!

Xo S

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