What are you reflecting?

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I actually really love it when people tell me what they see in me or think of me


Because in truth, it’s actually me reflecting back to them the human that they are.

Sometimes they don’t even realize it.

And it’s the most beautiful thing to witness.

The way some people see me is so beautiful because it’s what is reflecting back to them of their souls.

So the next time you look at someone and think what a fake bitch.

Keep awareness of it.

We don’t get triggered unless it’s something possible within ourselves.

If you told me I was an old dirty man I would laugh because I know it’s not me.

Call me a fake bitch and I’ll be reminded of any times I was that.

The people in our lives really do tell a story and I love being a part of it all.

Do you?

And if you are someone, like me, who gets (or used to) triggered when people say everyone is reflection of you I encourage you to look into the 7 Essene Mirrors. Sometimes they aren’t a mirror of what’s within but what you are judging. These mirrors are seriously life changing for self reflection.

The 7 mirrors are:

The first mirror is the mirror of the moment

The second mirror is of that which is judged

The third mirror is of that which is lost, given away, taken away

The fourth mirror is of “most forgotten love”

The fifth mirror is of father/mother

The sixth mirror is of your quest into darkness

The seventh mirror is of self perception

See how self perception is at the bottom? Totally different to all the self development people out there speaking these days isn’t it?

If you would like to learn more about the essene mirrors look up Gregg Braden on YouTube.

Xo S

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