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As I gathered with my sisters activating our light back in June and releasing all our fears and trusting in Mother Earth to support us. I had a vision.

One that really truly hurt. Then I watched that vision begin to come to fruition and it hurt even more. Or that was the story I was telling myself.

Yet all visions can still be changed, they can still be adjusted. Just because you saw something doesn’t mean it has to play out completely. And also, just because you saw what you saw it doesn’t have to have the meaning you give it. The beauty of this life is our power of choice.

I have to trust in myself, trust that what I want and who I am is enough.

I am enough. I know this for a fact. I am worthy. I know this for a fact too.

I also know that I am human, and to be human means we aren’t perfect, it means we get to choose the paths we are lead down, we get to choose the experiences we enjoy, and the ones we don’t, this day and every day thereafter. I am choosing to follow whatever paths will take me to the depths that I require to serve from my highest good.

I know I have been growing through my light and my darkness back to my light and this was a nudge I didn’t know I needed. Knowing I will always find my way back to my light has helped me shed my fears of my darkness and what it holds for me. Playing with my darkness has bought so much more of me into the light. Yet for so long I thought if I entered my darkness it meant I couldn’t come back out of it. It meant I was broken and not good enough. I needed fixing. Being reminded of day and night, the sun and the moon, brings me back to now.

This vision gave me another nudge that I can trust my intuition and what I feel and see. I know how deeply I feel things and there is no more denying that anymore. This vision also lead to me activating my kundalini energy. What an experience that was!

My heart is filled with love, love for myself, love for my sisters and brothers, love for all sentient beings. My love does not discriminate. Old patterning is broken. My heart is wide open. Fuck it feels good to say that. And truly mean it.

As my voice made itself known there is no way I could ever go back to being the person I used to be. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – She served her purpose and that purpose is now gone. Shannii version who the fuck knows is here.

My path now requires a different version of me. Different and yet the same. My intention was to shed my skin and all things that no longer serve me at this event.

I shed more than that.

I shed the old wounds, the old beliefs and the fears. I felt the energy build within myself and those around me. I played in that energy and felt it move. I’ve never felt energy the way I felt it this day.

As I looked into my sisters eyes I felt years of masking melt away. Healing the Devine feminine and masculine in ceremony was so deeply empowering. Many might think women gathering together is about ‘hating’ on men and elevating ourselves above them, this day was the complete opposite of that. The masculine and feminine work so beautifully together, we were created together, this day we loved and embraced and rejoiced in our connections. Within us we all have access to both so why would you want to hate that which is a part of you?

I felt so deeply loved and supported throughout the entire day there was no where for me to go but to elevate.

Mother Nature supported us so completely it was astounding. As we women gathered in circle, so too did the ducks and geese behind us. Peacocks joined us as we stated our intentions. Bird magic was everywhere. Animal healing was potent. I opened my eyes for a split second after I stated my “I am” statements and happened to catch the precise moment of a spider crawling over my pillow. As we went into sound healing a beautiful dog joined us. It honestly could not have been more perfect.

If you could have felt what I felt you would feel changed too. Or maybe the correct word is activated. Not changed because who you are isn’t enough – activated into the devine being you came here to be, without the masks, without the fears, without the wounding, changed because you are more than enough and you now know it.

This day we remembered the infinite beings we came here to be.

We danced, we sang, we cried, we hugged, we laughed and we loved. We felt it all and we transcended beyond anything we could ever have imagined. We all remembered who we are and were and rejoiced in who we are willing to be.

Beauty at its most pure form. Love in its most whole form. Peace in its most abundant. Power in it’s greatest. Spirit guided the day with ease and grace. Safety was enveloping us within every moment.

This event is something special. What Bec and Amber have created will cause ripples in the world. All change begins with ourselves, and when we create change within ourselves and together with other sisters the effect is magnified.

Instead of trying to change the world, try changing yourself. Be what you want to see in the world and you will create that. Speak it into existence.

And get yourself along to the next Lightworker Activation event if you feel this speaking to your heart. You can find Amber on Instagram at @lifepurposecheerleader and Bec @soulsistercircle to stay updated.

Shine Sister Shine

Xo S

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