Love is…


Love is an action word. A doing word. A verb.

This love we have could be authentically described as a magnetic soul interconnection that materialises when two people meet and look into the mirror of their own souls.

It’s insightful to see all you have tried to escape reflected back at you in the eyes of the person you love.

Feeling safe to explore them and see where it leads you, even if it’s an explosion of anger in parts then coming back together in love.

The coming together of two people who can be fire and ice at the same time. Two people who celebrate our contrasts and know that they are there to serve us for our higher purpose.

Sometimes I may feel like putting the mirror away but I also know that the mirror is there for our benefit and healing.

It takes a warrior to tame my soul, if it even can be tamed. If it can then I am glad that you are my warrior. There is so much magic in knowing each other. I have always searched for a masculine presence to ground me and found it in places that weren’t always the best or weren’t actually the masculine presence I desired. You growing into that presence feels so beautiful and allows me to flow in my femininity like never before.

Finding each other was like finding our freedom. Continuing to explore that freedom despite all the challenges is liberating. Freedom in love, freedom in living, freedom in all expressions of emotions.

Freedom in all senses of the word.

Shallow love has no place in my heart, or in my body or in my world. It never did. And this love we have has taken me to depths I never imagined possible.

While sometimes that may terrify me and I think I will drown I am yet to lose myself so completely that there was no way back. Our love is the beacon if we get lost. It’s always shining and glowing whether it’s right in our vision or in the distance.

It’s always there ready to support us and remind us of what we have when we have forgotten or been too busy to worry.

Does that mean no more mistakes from now on? I doubt it. The inspiring thing about our love is the choice we make each day to love each other, through it all. Taking responsibility for our actions and our own personal paths and loving each other as we continue to learn ourselves as well as each other.

If you had asked me what love was before I met you I would not have known how to answer. Now I know exactly what it is, even if I can’t describe it exactly in words. I’ve tried to today, has it done it justice? Probably not.

The only people who need to understand our love is you and I. And I know we don’t always understand it. Yet we feel it. With every inch of our bones and flesh and inner knowing, we feel it.

Xo S

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