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We all know about the law of attraction by now, right?

Even if you don’t believe in it you can still feel how it doesn’t feel good to say I’m broke, yes?

Well I thought I would share a small shift in my language that has helped me to feel a hell of a lot better about my finances and where I’m currently at with them.

Instead of saying I’m broke and can’t afford that, next time, try saying I’m choosing not to invest my money in that right now.

Try it on and see how it feels.

For an example – So often people say to me – I wish I could do what you do and travel like you do but I could never afford to do it.

Meanwhile I may see them drinking every weekend, smoking, smoking weed, getting their hair done, getting their nails done, going out for nights out, buying new clothes etc. Whatever their choice may be.

This is why I say to change it to “No I choose not to invest my money in that.” Because you CAN afford it if you want to, you are just CHOOSING to put your money elsewhere.

I love traveling. My husband doesn’t love it as much as I do. (Although I have managed to rope him into a trip to China for our wedding anniversary this year yippee!!!)

Everyone has different wants and needs and that is perfectly ok.

Because I learn about myself on every trip it’s valuable to me. More valuable than drinking every weekend or buying new clothing. When I book a trip I save my money by not doing all the things I normally do. I currently haven’t had my hair done since before Christmas (hello greys) and have been doing my own nails for between 6-12 months. If I go to purchase something I ask myself if it’s what I really want or would I prefer to put more money away for my trip. You can probably guess what my choice normally is.

Change your language and watch your life change. There is nothing wrong with admitting you would rather (insert your choice here) every day/weekend/month than (the thing). Just be real about it ❤️ or even that you have bills presently.

If you change the way you speak about your bills too that is the same. Choosing to pay your bills rather than not paying them and getting drunk or going on holiday is still a choice of what to invest your money in.

And saying you choose is being in your power. The choice is yours.

Many of us have limiting beliefs when it comes to money that will hinder us in the long run. Thoughts like – people who have money are assholes, money doesn’t grow on trees, I just want enough to get by, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and my personal favourite that many people use – Money doesn’t buy happiness.

A belief is just a belief unless we pick it up and choose it. I found this info graphic online and thought I would share it here. If you haven’t heard of T Harv Eker you should definitely look him up!

Learning about the law of attraction helped me to realize that I could be blocking my own abundance. And you could be too if you find yourself saying any of the statements I’ve mentioned here.

So next time you go to say no I’m too broke or no I can’t afford that – take a minute and think about how you can reframe that statement. And feel how different it feels in your body

Maybe it will even have your life feeling different.

Xo S

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