I love who I am

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I Love who I am as a woman.

I Love who I am as a wife.

I love who I am as a mother.

I love who I am as a friend.

I. Love. Who. I am.

Did I always? No.

How did it change?

I chose to change.

I chose to see myself differently.

I chose to love those perceived flaws.

I chose to let my mistakes go.

I chose to look at myself in the mirror with adoration.

I chose to admire my courage and my smile.

I chose laughter more.

I chose to let the people go that I had been holding onto.

I chose this life.

I chose my WORTH.

Has it been easy? Yes and No.

Will I still keep learning? You bet.

Will I still make mistakes? I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.

And yet I will still choose to love myself through every step I take.

Because I am not who I used to be and I have no desire to ever be her again.

I Love her and the life she experienced to get me to here and I get to lovingly release her into the past.

I love the woman I am now. And I’m excited to see who she chooses to be in the future.

Xo S

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