Truly Choose Your Woman

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When you choose a woman, truly choose her.

Not the wishy washy choosing.

Choose all of her.

Choose the depths of her rage.

Choose the heights of her unabandoned love.

Choose the messiness of her way of living life.

Choose the calling forward she offers your soul when she witnesses you holding back.

You don’t get to say I choose you and then say ‘but not that part’.

You don’t get to say ick I change my mind with that.

When you truly, deeply choose her, she will take you through storms you could never imagine surviving.

She will hold you through storms designed to break both of you.

Your choosing her will open her more each day.

Your safety net will provide her with the stability she has dreamed of to be able to give of herself fully.

So before you choose her, make sure you know what you are choosing.

Because often, a woman who knows herself will pull things out of you that you had no idea were there to be plucked.

And she will have you seeing it all.

Without her even realizing that is what is happening sometimes.

If you don’t know yourself before you choose her, be prepared to learn a whole damn lot.

And it will all be worth it. If that is what you choose.

If, however, you aren’t ready to choose all of that then leave her alone.

A woman who knows exactly who she is, is not interested in entertaining your little games.

Xo S

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