Speak into what you see

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I remember this one time when I was about 14 this guy said to me “you have the type of eyes that see deep into peoples souls” and I thought wow what a weirdo.

Not even kidding I thought he was the biggest weirdo creep 😂 I think he was about 17/18 so he wasn’t much older than me.

But now when I think about that statement I think wow, is that really how some people see these eyes on my face?

Is that really how some people feel when they look into my eyes?

Really, what that guy gave me was a glimpse into what was possible for my future.

And it’s one of those reminders that something you say to someone today, could mean absolutely zero right now but in the future there may be a day where they look back on that little statement that came from your heart with fondness.

I guess what I’m saying is if you see something in someone – speak into it.

We don’t often see ourselves how other people do and that thing that you see in someone else could be the turning point in their life.

We never know what is happening with people behind closed doors.

Often the smiling, happy, helpful person is fighting battles no one else knows about.

So if you speak into what you see to those you love and their life, you could be the catalyst for change they were waiting for.

You could be that one moment where they think twice about not feeling good enough.

You could be that one thing that brings them back from the edge of the ledge.

It may not be either but loving words are never wasted.

Leave no loving, warm, kind words unsaid.

Trust me, those words matter.

Even if you feel you aren’t the right person to deliver the words, if they are on your heart and mind then they are there for a reason, so that makes you the right person to deliver them.

Sometimes the most profound messages come from an unexpected source too.

Never question your heart and what is on it.

There can never be too much kindness in the world.

Xo S

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