Fuck Tall Poppy Syndrome


In Australia it’s prevalent but it exists in other places too and that is this thing called Tall Poppy Syndrome, where people don’t like it if you are successful or if you celebrate your successes. In fact, they sometimes get super triggered by people who are doing well and will put down someone for their successes. From a young age we are taught not to ‘show off’ or be excited about achieving something great.

Fuck that!

Celebrate every win you have!

Whether it’s the fact you got out of bed today, your business made six figures, perhaps you cooked an amazing dinner or could fill your fuel tank to full today, absolutely celebrate the shit out of it! No matter how small you may think it is, it deserves celebrating! It all deserves celebrating. We deserve to celebrate every day in this journey we call life.

Today I’m celebrating 68 days of being without my vices – alcohol and makeup.

My first event I attended in January where I couldn’t drink or wear makeup I was in meltdown. I didn’t feel attractive or worthy. I knew I was going to be surrounded by gorgeous women and went straight into comparison mode. Comparison mode will get us nowhere though. (Insert we are all beautiful in our own ways quote here)


It doesn’t even cross my mind. I went to an event last night and it didn’t even cross my mind that I wouldn’t be wearing makeup or drinking.

I’ve come to see how I was using those things as safety mechanisms. When I would get uncomfortable I would grab a drink and sip on it. Bored? Grab a drink. Want to speak to a person but don’t know what to say? Grab a drink then if I say something stupid I can blame the alcohol.

When I woke up looking like I’ve had no sleep and pimples on my face I could cover it up. As I’m sure many of you know makeup can completely transform a face or it can enhance what is naturally already there.

Now I’m out here – being seen as I am, wholly and without those things. And I’m comfortable. I’m actually comfortable.

So slowly my ego is taking a back seat. I’m celebrating that too! Haha

Does this mean when I’m finished I will never use those things again? Probably not. I love dressing up and spoiling myself and taking myself on dates with a face of makeup. I love feeling the glam of it. And I enjoy having a cocktail when I go out on dinner dates or while I’m sun-baking on a beach.

The knowing of what I was using those things for before is the shift that will be the difference in my use of them.

I won’t be coming from a place of wanting to fit in or be accepted or feel better about myself. I’ll be coming from a conscious place of knowing what I want and why I want it. Being able to catch the thoughts is the real lesson I’ve learnt.

I challenge you to give up one or two vices for a time period (I recommend 3 months as a start). It could be coffee, chocolate, binge eating, drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, masturbation, checking your phone upon waking or whatever you have a real taste for most days. Something you know you use in a way to perhaps hide or ignore the real issue happening inside. And see what comes up for you. Let me know if you decide to take the challenge!

And remember to celebrate the shit out of your accomplishments!

So fuck yes to my 68 days. Bring on the next 297!

Xo S

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