Being integral in life

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I just finished watching Inventing Anna and it had me so riled up about Integrity and Honesty.

And it got me thinking – why?

Why do those things mean so much to me now?

Why do I get so frustrated when people are living a lie?

And I was reminded…

That I have had my fair share of being out of integrity. Of being dishonest.

I have admitted things that some will go their entire lives without ever having admitted the truth.

And I remember how it felt to be that person. To live that life.

Now I am Surrounded by people who live in their truth and stand with integrity.

And I am reminded of that quote

You will become like the 5 people you spend the most time with

And I had the realization:

The upgrades I have received in my life are due to me choosing differently.

Choosing my life differently.

Choosing my people differently.

And standing in my truth.

Even when it hurts I stand there.

And yet my truth doesn’t hurt anymore.

Because of how I live my life.

In integrity.

Numerous times I have received my favourite compliment ever to receive and it confirms that I am on the path I truly desire to be.

That compliment is that people comment they feel my authenticity and that I am who I am. It is in those moments that I feel seen.

Even though I sometimes wonder what authenticity even is?

I am seen for living the life I feel I am living.

It is confirmation that truth is an energy, it is felt.

It is why I’m so adamant about people speaking their truth, being their truth, showing their truth.

Your people will love you for it. And those that don’t weren’t meant to be in your life anyway.

Xo S

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