Sunshine and Rain

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If you haven’t been in Brisbane the last week and a half you more than likely wouldn’t know about all the rain we have had and how frustrating it has ended up.

Normally I’m a person who loves the rain. I love the sound of it. I love the cleansing feeling of it. I love the snuggles and movie days that generally come with the grey skies. I love hearing rushing water in the rivers or seeing it flow down waterfalls.

But after the last week or two I am definitely ready for some sunshine.


Well I’ve always known how good sunshine is for you. For your mental health and general wellbeing. But when you don’t even have the option of getting in the sun or going to your safe space in nature to earth and ground yourself it can be quite debilitating. That isn’t an exaggeration either.

I watched my mood decrease more and more and couldn’t figure out what was happening. I had a lot happening, yes, but it didn’t explain the dark turn my mind was taking. It was only when the sun finally came out yesterday that the thought connected in my mind.

Maybe I’m not actually in a hole right now.

Maybe my body is craving the warmth and vitamins of the sun.

Perhaps sunshine is truly a gift of life.

It has made me wonder how those who live in cities with non stop gloominess survive? I’m not sure I could. Imaginably they do not look at the constant rain as glumness? Law of attraction, point of view, that sort of thing.

Give me sunshine any day!

You can’t have sunshine without a little rain though, can you? In realising how important sunshine can be, I see how much it contributes to me being Strong without Realising.

I think Sunshine has just moved to the top of my self care list. If you havent already, please check out one of my original blog posts which contains some self care lessons I have learnt.

So guess what I’m doing while the sun is out for a minute today?

Xo S

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