RnB Friday’s A sober story (As in not drunk haha)

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After attending last years RnB Friday’s concert at the Eaton’s Hill Hotel I was happy to hear it was moved to a larger venue this year and with a line-up that made me excited to relive my teenage years.

RnB Friday’s Live Brisbane
While I was traveling to the concert, dotted along the roads were people reliving their 90s and 00’s fashions which gave me a clear indication they were on their way to the same place I was. Headbands, bandanas, overalls and gigantic hoops all made a play for attention.

I bought the cheapest tickets on sale and I was glad I did with the state of the weather for the day. I didn’t exactly want to end up sick after a day in the rain. Some may say it added to the atmosphere, either way I was happy where I was.

I was also happy to see many food choices including vegetarian and vegan options. That was a first for me at a festival, mind you, I didn’t want to get food at the last festival I went to so it’s possible they had those options there too.

As soon as we entered the gates we went to find a bathroom and the line was already insane. This cemented our choice to not drink for the day as we did not want to be queueing for half the day instead of enjoying the music performances.

Within 10 minutes of finding ourselves a seat undercover we were confronted with a partygoer who had clearly pregamed too hard before the concert and spilled the contents of her stomach all over the ground and seat, and people sitting on said seat, in front of her. How people don’t know how to make it to an appropriate place to vomit is beyond me.

Apparently Wild Thoughts was the song of the day as 3 performers included it during their sets. 

I had read many reviews saying Craig David’s performances at the other concerts were lacklustre so I was intrigued to see how he would perform. Besides his set seeming more house than RnB that man can definitely still sing. 

I would have much rathered full songs than the snippets many of the performers chose to perform but besides the sound issues for the first few acts where the bass was ridiculous and crackles and pops were many it was a day that was enjoyable either way and I was able to tick a fair few performers off my list of ‘artists I want to see in concert’. 

Sean Paul’s set was literally fire, yes, he had a fire on stage. Who would have thought that could happen? Apparently there were too many hot girls at the show… 

Ne-Yo was the star of the day for many people including myself. He sang and he danced and he was everything I expected and/or wanted. Although I had to remind myself he was actually there performing as I kept watching the videos being played on the big screen instead of Ne-Yo himself.

I am looking forward to another RnB Friday’s Live and will be eagerly awaiting the performers announcement next year. We don’t have any festivals like this in Brisbane anymore so it was a much anticipated event and did not disappoint either time I attended. 

RnB Friday’s Live clothing

If you attended, in any of the states, I would love to hear your thoughts ❤️

Xo S

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