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I see so many speaking into loving our darkness these days.

And yes, I’m all for loving our darkness.

It is the birthplace of creation after all.


And this is where I see many failing to have the vision,

There are beings that wait for you to delve into your darkness so they can take hold of you and use it for Nefarious reasons,

These demons hide in the darkness waiting to put their hooks into you.

While you think you are doing the work of love they are secretly infiltrating your body so they can pull more people into the realms that are not for our highest good.

It is a repulsive force meant only for destruction.

Energetic hygiene is so important. The most important thing really.

I’ve been in spaces where this hasn’t been a piece. And I see the hooks being cast.

And it breaks my heart.

So before you go celebrating your darkness, ask yourself if you have the awareness and the hygienic insight to protect yourself from the beings who don’t want you truly being in your power.

Ask yourself how much time you are actually spending celebrating your darkness and whether it is from the place of love that darkness can be birthed from.

And I mean truly ask – don’t just read this and say yep I’m good. Self responsibility is true spirituality. If you can’t sit with a simple question there is an issue.

The difference can be seen in peoples physical appearance a lot of the time. However, it’s takes true discernment to witness it in the glam of a person and also in the deterioration of a person.

If you aren’t energetically sensitive it will feel like love to you. Instead of the leaky grossness it actually is.

Eyes divert when true love looks into their darkness. And, sometimes the demons draw on your love to gain even more power.

I won’t say it’s an easy journey to learn the difference.

Start opening your eyes to energetic hygiene immediately.

Learn to appreciate the fact there are things lurking in the shadows sometimes.

It may be one of the most important things you can ever do in this human life game with a spiritual level to conquer.

Xo S

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