The most random blog post ever

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Welcome to 2022. And to start the year off this blog post is strange yet true. While yes it was written a while back it still remains the truth to how I operate.

Just in case you have ever wondered what it’s like to be me, here is a morning in my life:

Take son to school

Get home and start a cup of tea

Decide to go to the bathroom

Check socials

Then think I’m going to practice my Latin routine and so I work up a sweat doing that

Then see mess on the floor so pick that up

Remember the cup of tea

Decide to make toast too and then eat the toast with my tea

Remember my supplements so take those too

Think Need to feed the dogs

Remember I was tidying my floor so grab the vacuum

Vacuum the bedroom and ensuite

Decide to dust too

Vacuum again because of dust

Take my book down to my creative space

Get sidetracked reading information on my desk

Put the vacuum away

Decide to clean the bathroom vanity then the toilet

Go to the laundry to get cleaning stuff but decide to do the cat litter tray

Think I need to feed the dogs

Remember I was going to do my bathroom so go back to doing that

Realise I need to do laundry so I put that on

Check on my plants, get sidetracked thinking how proud of myself I am with the fact they are still alive

Read emails

Still need to feed dogs

Decide to put oils in my diffuser

Get sidetracked looking at them all and deciding what I want to use

Check on deliveries online to see when they are arriving

Pick up a book and get under a blanket to start reading it because it’s freezing

Then remember I need to check my blog posts

Set more posts to publish

Remember I still need to feed the dogs

Yet I’m here writing this post…

Who else operates this way?

Who else can never just start one thing and do it until it’s finished and does a million things in between?

I think this is why to-do lists help so much.

And yet I will write them and then not follow them too.

Sometimes I wonder how I have made it this far in life?

Some people would label this as some sort of on the spectrum behavior and say I should get tested. But personally I don’t see how getting tested for something I’ve done my whole life will make any difference to how I live my life now. Maybe as a child it may have made some difference but I’ve learned to live with my quirks of behavior so I don’t believe it would make any difference now.

Now I better go feed the dogs haha

Xo S

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