Denial only prolongs everything

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Denial only prolongs everything.

With acknowledgement comes moving forward, up, out, away from whatever it was that you have been denying.

I can live an amazing life of manifestation and happiness and still acknowledge everything outside of that.

Acknowledgement does not mean you will lose everything you have.

It simply means your eyes are open and you are aware.

With awareness comes the capacity to change, help, do, be, all of it.

And please remember – just because other people may have it worse than you does not mean you are not allowed to feel hurt, angry or upset.

Your feelings matter.

You would never tell someone that other people have it better than them when they are happy so they shouldn’t be happy so I don’t know why everyone likes to point out that others have it worse.

Some call it perspective. I call it forcing people to bypass their feelings.

And you know I am not about that 💜

Xo S

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