Your beating heart is worth no less than any other beating heart

The way you love is yours to give

And receiving is what your heart has been fashioned for.

Each time you feel that heart beat it shows the love of the universe pouring through every inch of that delicate skin that holds your heart within.

The skin that holds you together. Every inch, every piece.

Every passionate touch that your skin receives then pumped through the valleys of veins that pulse underneath it by the miracle machine that is your heart.

Every moment you feel, your heart races and pulses to share that with the fabric of your body.

The gentle weaving and the thunderous roars.

It is all welcome.

Every time your heart breaks, it breaks open to receiving more.

There is no limit to the amount of love and heartbreak your heart can hold.

Like a waterfall that falls over the ledge, bumping edges and scratching and carving it’s way through territory thought unbreakable.

Love conquers all.

Love is the power.

Love is your power.

Own it. Receive it.

Plow it into the fields of every consciousness you step into.

The ripples will be felt long after your steps have been heard.

Your heartbeat will be felt long after the ears that lay upon your chest heard it.

Melt into the infinite pleasures that your love makes available to you.

Claim it, it’s yours,


Xo S

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