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When you feel that heaviness what do you do?

Do you allow it to flow or do you tighten up like a screw?

Forcing things into holes that they don’t really fit.

Hoping maybe one day you will manage to forget all about it.

Praying those feelings will just disappear

But instead finding out they always reappear

Twisting, turning, growing and fading

You feel like you’re crazy because you can’t move past this space

They tell you to breathe but inside you’re suffocating

Your mind is going a million miles an hour and it’s becoming grating

Silence, they tell you, will give you your power

But that idea in your mouth truly tastes sour

So inside you look, even though it feels heavy

You are scared of what you might find but you finally know you are worthy

Slowly you learn and start allowing it all

Knowing that the universe is a perfect place to fall

The world around you starts changing

And you wonder why

But as the feelings keep coming you allow yourself to cry

Allowing it all you begin to notice change

So you keep on allowing and keep turning each page

Your chapters are being written and you wonder what’s next

Until you realise not knowing is actually the best

Surrounding yourself with people who support you

You have begun to trust that what your heart feels is true

Taking one step at a time

You make your way forward

One step at a time

You are unattaching the cord

That cord that you realise is no longer a lifeline

The key to your world has been in your hand the whole time

You can unlock everything you desire

So let that heaviness go and start to spread your wildfire.

Reading Wildfire at our Moranbah event

Xo S

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