Thoughts before a Vow of Silence

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I can already feel my ego freaking out.

But what about this, you will miss this?

And singing – how will you not be able to sing?

You are going to struggle and probably quit so why even start?

I could write so many more of the lovely thoughts that have visited since I announced my vow of silence.

All I keep telling myself is I’m not my thoughts and screw what they say.

I’ve always been a woman of integrity and if I say I’m going to do something then I do it.

I remember my husband getting angry when I was in silence last year at the retreat because he saw other people who were attending posting on Facebook and he thought I had made the whole thing up 😂

And of course, since I wasn’t making it up it took a really long time for me to tell him what was happening 😂

Our mind tends to work in the same way if we let it.

The more we think about something, the bigger and worse it gets.

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of those moments during however long I’m in silence for.

Trusting and surrendering, I am trusting and surrendering.

I trust that my soul knows and so I surrender ❤️

Xo S

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