My Human Design

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Human design = When your life and your traits actually start to finally make sense and you don’t feel like you are crazy anymore 😍

I am a Generator 2/4 ❤️ with a Right Angle across of Tension 2.

I get to let go of the guilt I’ve felt for not desiring to be on stages in front of millions of people impacting them with what I say.

Thank you Human Design.

It never felt right for me. Ive never wanted it yet for some reason surrounding myself with freaking epic humans who are destined for that meant that was what I HAD to do to make an impact.

Now I know that my impact comes from those closest to me. I have amazing people in my inner circle and I get to support and nurture and love them with who I be and then some of them are the ones who might go out into the world and impact humanity. As long as I’m discerning with who I actually let into my inner sanctum.

Now I know why I’ve always said I don’t need a lot of friends, only a few true close ones ❤️ and boy does my love overflow for those closest to me. The message that has been on repeat to me lately is how safe and at ease and taken care of people feel when in my aura ❤️

And one of my gifts is that I tend to see or know things days, weeks, months even years in advance before the rest of the world. Without actually knowing it. I often realise it when I see people saying things that I’ve said so long ago.

Sometimes I feel like the wizard behind the curtains who gets people to see or understand something but they don’t realise that is what I’ve done.

The more I delve into me and who I am the more I am realising the gifts that I contain within my vessel and outside of it.

My alone time is potent. It keeps me running at my full capacity. There is nothing wrong with that.

Being alone is better than being with the wrong people

I’ve always known I feel what others feel, and so I taught myself how to block that out but I’ve now learned it’s my human design that I don’t just feel what they feel, I feel it amplified. So much makes sense now haha another reason for me to be discerning with who I allow into my home, my life, all of me. I don’t even think I feel what others feel anymore, I just take it as my own and transmute it. That’s the beauty of healing journies. We get to learn so much about ourselves.

I’ve always said surface level was of no interest to me. I want to go deep or I don’t want it at all. Surface level conversations literally bore me.

When I’m done with a situation, a conversation, anything, I am done. I just walk away and there is nothing wrong with that either. I used to feel guilty for just up and leaving when I was done with something. Now I know it’s nothing to be shamed for. And I get to allow those in my circle who celebrate that about me and don’t get offended.

It’s literally my human design.

And here’s a little woo woo for you – My womb has been pretty angry with me recently because I haven’t been listening to her. And she only answers yes or no (actually not even words she makes sounds hehe) There is no capability for anything other than those two answers. And she is super happy and excited that I realize the potency of just asking her.

So my decisions are going to be made very differently from now on but I am still learning this.

So if I last minute cancel plans or change my mind about something, I’m not going to apologize or explain, just know that I’m listening to my sacral authority because that’s what works for me. It’s what I’ve always done but I’ve always questioned it but I am going to question it no longer.

Human design isn’t a fortune telling session and it’s not a set in concrete instruction manual. It is an insight into your world and who you be. After all we always have the freedom to choose our own life experiences right 🤷🏽‍♀️

Who am I? Is my forever question and I’m not ashamed ❤️

Although the neck pain that comes with constantly asking that question would be appreciated if it left 😜😂

Have you explored your human design and what it means?

Xo S

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