The gift my skin wanted

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I’ve used a lot of different skin care products over the years.

Expensive and cheap, I’ve had my fair share.

One night while attending the Create Live Grow Soul Family retreat we had the pleasure of meeting Meg, the owner of Evohe Skincare. Her story was inspirational in itself.

Meg ran a nurture circle for us ladies, where we tried different products and participated in some self-love. One of the activities was to look into a mirror for one whole song and speak all the things we love about ourselves. The song that was playing was It’s ok by Ayla Nereo, beautiful song. I was off with the fairies for this activity but a lot of the other women got something out of it. All I came up with at the end was I like my lips haha

Meg gave us all a couple of trial samples to try – being the mist and the repair intensive and also the Silica Mask.

Using products that I can see where the money I spend goes makes me more inclined to buy them. Meg was such a lovely woman who thanked me for holding space for her at the end of the night. She made the statement she feels I hold space for a lot of people as well which made my heart beat.

If you follow me on Instagram (@strongwithoutrealising) you would have seen me raving about these products so I thought I would write a blog post so I’m not constantly posting the same raving statuses hehe

I invested in the travel kit after trying the samples, to further test more of the products. The travel kit comes with the above mentioned products as well as the Omega Oil, the Moisture lite, Mineral Powder, Cleanse, Body Wash and a bamboo Cloth, plus a cute bag to keep all your products safe.

This was the point where I realised all the products in the range are amazing.

My makeup sits better on my face when I use these beforehand. I can feel my skin soaking up the nutrients as I blend them into my skin.

My husband even asked if I was wearing makeup when all I had done was use these products. You are left glowing!

I’ve now invested in full sizes of most of the products so that I can leave my travel sizes for travelling.

Needless to say I took my travel kit with me on my Christmas Cruise with PnO Cruises and it was my life saver.

After day’s swimming in the sea, with the sun and sand and wind drying my face terribly, which led to horribly red and pimple skin, I would cleanse and moisturize at night before bed and by the morning the zits that had popped up had either disappeared completely or lost all their redness!

And all these products are natural and safe! What more could you ask for from a skin care?

Did I mention they also have Afterpay for my Australian followers? Everything is so simple.

If you are looking for something new for your skin I would definitely recommend giving Evohe a trial. You wont regret it.

2017-12-10 18.02.25

I know I haven’t.

Xo S

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