Don’t be this facilitator…

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Unpopular opinion – You DO actually need to do some kind of learning when it comes to coaching/ healing/facilitation spaces.

You are playing with peoples mental/physical/emotional health and No “I was a healer in a past life and I have remembered” is not enough” or “I have been through it so I know” is not ok.

It’s a nice place to start but it does not mean you have the skills to facilitate.

I don’t give a shit if you have received downloads or had a lightning bolt shot into your brain from a ‘shaman’ in Byron Bay.

I’m sick of people attending a couple of workshops and going off and running their own because ‘they know it now.’

I’ve been to workshops with highly skilled facilitators where people have ended up suicidal. I’ve been to workshops where all the facilitators want to do is interfere. I’ve witnessed people make other peoples experiences about themselves. I’ve witnessed it become about the facilitators egos instead of the participants safety. I’ve seen trauma vortexes that just keep going and it’s not healing.

And if you don’t know what the difference is in that, then you my friend, probably need some education.

These people put their trust in you to hold their lives in safety. If you aren’t trained in what true safety is you create humans addicted to their trauma vortexes who believe it is healing.

And along with that comes disassociation. From life. From the body. From it all. Bypassing true healing.

If your own nervous system is not trained to handle big emotions, for yourself let alone your clients, you are of little service.

Have you held space for someone when they have admitted to raping someone, when you have been raped yourself? Have you listened to someone tell a story so similar to yours and not fallen into a puddle of emotion? Feeling all of it but knowing how to manage and operate in those conditions?

Do you ask yourself “am I making this about myself or does this person truly need me?” before jumping in?

Do you witness yourself run at the first sign of upset with someone to ‘help’ them?

Are you able to tell the difference between help and enabling?

Do you know the signs of shut down? And when to call someone else because you actually aren’t qualified to help someone? Or do you believe you know it all and have the support of God and Ángels so you don’t need to call anyone else?

Do you even know what is happening to someone’s body when they are releasing stored trauma? Or when they are stuck in a vortex? Or do you think it’s all the same?

Do you know about anchoring? Or are you someone who touches people willy nilly because you think it’s helping during a big release when in fact you could be anchoring a trauma into the space so the next time someone else presses there it’s all reactivated?

Do you truly understand the body?

Do you understand energy and where energy goes or do you throw that stuff around willy nilly too?

Peoples bodies and minds are NOT a fake it till you make it space.

And I’m tired of the spaces that are acting like it is.

I’m here to truly witness and hold people in their journeys, not to feed my own ego, but for them to truly come into their power. A safe space.

There is no room for the ego when it comes to other peoples healing. It’s not about you.

The best psychologists/facilitators/coaches I’ve found have a balance between holistic practices and western practices.

A balance of mind and body and soul.

Tangible experiences and unexplainable ones are what is needed for balance.

I can always tell the people who have done some kind of study around human psychology because they aren’t the ones running off to create experiences for humans to transmute trauma. They aren’t the ones telling the same stories over and over or listening to the same stories over and over and believing it is healing.

Healing happens organically when people feel safe.

No force needed. No audience needed.

Love and safety from an educated space.

From a protected space.

Beware of the entities that try to enter when the space is open.

Yet another thing that some facilitators don’t act like they have awareness of.

Do you understand the fire you are playing with?

Do you understand the vastness of the spiritual space and what you open yourself and your clients up to?

Most healing done in these types of spaces is placebo healing. People are told they have had a release so they believe they have. It comes back later on down the track when that same space isn’t available because what has been processed hasn’t actually been processed at all. Not in all cases but I’ve seen it in many.

People go looking for the spaces to ‘have a release’ because that’s what they have trained themselves or been trained to believe, is necessary. If you don’t have the big catharsis then you haven’t had a release.

People end up dying by suicide because they don’t have access to the plant medicine or the facilitator on hand to talk them through everything because they haven’t actually learnt true tools to help them until they can get to a professional.

They have been opened up to a world they weren’t ready for and it causes health issues.

People who have never in their life reached out for help that still weren’t taught how to and now end up in a hole because they think they cant. Or they reach out to people who don’t have the experience and therefore keep them in the same loop.

It’s great to be finding your gifts and learning about them.

Don’t go fucking with peoples lives to practice if you can’t answer the questions I’ve asked in this post. And from a truly honest place. If you can’t be honest with yourself then can you be honest, and safe, with/for anyone else?

Peoples lives are not a joke. They aren’t a game. They aren’t a notch in your belt.

Treat them with the reverence they deserve.

And finally to end – and to make it even more difficult, there are still people out there who have ‘learned’ a lot, or paid for a lot of education, who still operate from these types of spaces too.

So ask yourself if this is you too? Do you assess yourself regularly to see what space you are coming from?

If not, its a non-negotiable idea to start today.

Continuously learning is a key to always having the best information for your clients. No that doesn’t mean you have to do all the courses. You DO need to know how a trauma works from all angles and how your trauma can infiltrate your experiences as well.

Awareness is key. True awareness.

Xo S

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