At my core is…


Sometimes I think I have forgotten who I am.

But then I remember that isn’t actually possible.

I may play in different versions of me.

The angry one. The tired one. The sad one. The excited one.

But the core of me never changes.

And it is in the moments of questioning that I truly know who I am.

My core is compassion.

And some people may make it feel harder for me to access that part of myself.

But at my core I still am that heart centered person.

Who cares deeply.

And my protective pincers of my cancerian totem will make themselves known when I see or feel untruths in a person.

And in the moments I feel those untruths and come back to my heart I know who I am.

And when I know who I am I can explore all facets of my being.

And that’s where the fun is.

Do you explore the masks you wear? Or do you pretend that you still don’t have any?

Hint: we all have them.

When we admit we have them then we can choose when we wear the ones we like and we can choose when to put down a mask that doesn’t actually gel with the life we want to live.

Xo S

2 comments on “At my core is…”

    1. Thank you for reading. I am so glad you resonate. Yes it is so important to know that we do all have them at different times. I feel many people get stuck in proving they don’t have them, which in itself is a mask right? Hehe ❤️


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