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Yesterday I was busy being just a mum.

Today I am busy being just a women who feels so deeply about all women feeling empowered in their own bodies and loving their own bodies and helping co-facilitate an experience for women to have and be and feel all that and more.

You see, no one is JUST anything.

No woman is ever just one thing.

We are multidimensional beings who can create powerful magic.

Especially when we start harnessing all the power that is within our bodies, within our wombs, within our spaces.

So many women reach out to me to say they wish they could do what I do.

And you know what I say?

I know that feeling because once it was me.

It wasn’t overnight that I went from crying when I looked at myself in the mirror to loving myself.

But it happened.

The proof is right here.

@worldwithinher on Instagram

Whenever I share these images that mean so much to me the message is there.

I reclaimed my body.

I honor my body.

I freaking love my body.

So this message is to say you can have it all too my love.

Reclamation can be yours too ❤️

Xo S

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