My Soul Knows


I’ve often wondered why it was that my body rejected my suicide attempt that evening when I sliced at my wrists and took a heap of drugs with some alcohol and went to sleep planning to never wake up.

I’ve often wondered why it was that during my operation to remove my cancer that was only meant to last 4 hours that ended up lasting almost 10 and I lost 2.5l of blood that I stayed.

I’ve been journeying my whole life. Wondering what my soul desires to achieve on this planet we call earth.

Why on earth does it keep returning when in my mind it’s done.

Reading Home with God by Neale Donald Walsch and getting to the end and finally receiving this message –

The soul gets to choose and return if it’s not done yet

Has made me question even more.

I have said so many times now our souls purpose is to experience everything that life has to offer.

Which makes me wonder what else on this earth is it that my soul is wanting to experience?

And it makes me a little excited to think about what could possibly be on the horizon.

So many experiences to be had on this planet I wonder what will be next for me?

So thank you Soul, for choosing to return even though my human mind didn’t think there was anything left here to experience.

The amount of amazing things I would have missed out on had I not been here is phenomenal. And there is so much more to experience.

Thank you.

I love you.

Xo S

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