How could she possibly understand?


Why is she educating people on body image issues? She has the perfect body. Flat stomach, perky boobs, long legs what could she possibly have learnt about overcoming body image issues?

Yep those are the thoughts that sometimes go through my head, or have in the past.

Because all the people I saw sharing about overcoming their issues didn’t look like me.

So of course that meant they wouldn’t understand what it’s like to ACTUALLY have body image issues right?

Hilarious hey!

Every single women out there seems to have had some journey with body image.

And it truly upsets me.

It’s the whole grass is greener story isn’t it?

What she has, she doesn’t want, but somebody else does.

White women are getting tans to be darker while some people are buying whitening creams and facials to be lighter.

Small bum and boob women are getting implants or fat transfers to go bigger while the women who have it naturally are having surgery to be smaller.

Bigger eyes, smaller eyes, wider eyes, changing colour eyes, all done with make up to get that perfect color and shape we are told is the ultimate sign of perfection. (If you don’t know the perfect shape you want to aim for is almond 🤦🏽‍♀️ oh and contour your face so it’s more oval 🤦🏽‍♀️ yep those are tips I was taught growing up)

The stretch marks you are trying so hard to get rid of, or stop from arriving while you create a child in your womb, another women would love to be able to have the opportunity to have them.

I mean I could go on forever about these things.

And it breaks my heart.

Not one person seems to be immune from it.

Myself included.

The difference for me now is the awareness if I find myself feeling a type of way or thinking a type of thought, what I do with that.

At the bottom of it all, is a want to be loved. We all have it. We all want to feel as though we are enough and we are worthy.

The bad news is – the more you look for it outside of yourself the less likely you are going to find it.

What we get to do is we get to fulfill that feeling within ourselves. The moment we stop looking for that outside validation and start getting it from within is when everything can start shifting.

You know what else? No one ever calls me conceited. At least not to my face.

And I wonder why that is?

I share all the time about how I love myself and I love my body.

Is it because I don’t have a photoshop perfect body so therefore that makes it ok to love myself?

Would people feel inspired by me if I didn’t have the love for myself that I now do or would they put me in the pile with the other women, that even I’ve judged and thought how could they understand?

Or is it because people can feel that the place I share from is not from a conceited place? What even is a conceited place anyway? Maybe I’m the most conceited person of all?

Is it only girls who look like models that are considered conceited? You know the ones I’m talking about. I bet some come to mind when you read that. And I would also bet that every women thinks of someone different.

Where is the separation coming from?

I’ll tell you where.

Media industry standards that totally suck ass.

I share myself so that there is diversity in what is seen online because I know we don’t always look like that.

I own my fullness and my power because it is mine to own and I desire for every women to own their magic too. I haven’t always felt that way about myself so I’m here to show you it’s totally possible.

So the next time you might catch yourself judging or comparing, especially in the online space, perhaps ask yourself what lesson is there in this for me?

Always go deeper, and when you think you have gone deep enough, you haven’t, so go even deeper.

Our human body is amazing, every human body is amazing, let’s all love on our humans.

Let’s look at all women’s bodies and marvel at how amazing they are.

Xo S

📸 @comfortableinmyskin on Instagram

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