Feel the fear and do it anyway

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This quote has become my mantra of late.

As some of you may know I attended the National Achievers Congress run by Success Resources in Brisbane. Which included speakers such as Tony Robbins, Turia Pitt, Michelle Bridges, Naomi Stinson, JT Foxx, Greg Secker, Scott Harris, James Gilshenan and also Jason Tyne as MC for the 2 days.

I attended because my mentor challenged me to fight my limiting belief that I was an introvert so I could never attend a meeting of this size because it was too many people and too much for me. Tony’s way of teaching would definitely be too much for me.

Or so I thought. But I’ll get into that later.

Right from the start I was inspired by stories of starting from nothing and achieving success. Naomi was up first and what an amazing woman she is! Her story about starting Red Balloon had everyone’s minds start ticking about what can be possible if we just start.

JT Foxx spoke and while I understand why so many like him, he just was not for me. I got the celebrity branding POV the first time he made it – he did not need to spend another hour repeating that point. He felt much more ego based than many of the other speakers, awesome for those who need that style of training but not for me.

Turia Pitt – what a woman! If I have one small ounce of her determination for the rest of my life then I will be winning. She definitely bought a few tears to mine, and many others, eyes. And the fact that after being burned in a bushfire she then attended Unleash the Power Within and fought her fear and completed the firewalk, well I don’t know if you could find a better example of fighting and overcoming a fear!

Greg Secker was my favourite speaker of the two days. The amazing things he has achieved with his success I only hope to be half the person he is one day. His most recent work with his foundation was building a village in Philippines, yep you read that right, an entire village. My heart felt full listening to the projects he has achieved. I can’t wait to one day be involved with his foundation.

Tell me: do you have this thought in your mind that money is evil and people who have money are assholes or money changes you? Well get that out of there right now – money only amplifies the person you already are and a lot of people with money do a lot of good in this world. So it’s not a bad thing to want to be rich just plan to be giving when you are. Believing those types of thoughts is in fact a limiting belief that holds you back from achieving the life of your dreams.

Of course there are those who say that the rich only give to get tax benefits etc but do you know what I ask in response to that? Aren’t they still doing more for those in need than you are by complaining they are getting tax breaks? You do realise that you can also get tax breaks from donations, right? If you didn’t then you do now.

Michelle Bridges while she started off slow, once she finally warmed up I really enjoyed her talk. What was her major message? Just F-in Do It! And no isn’t always no when it comes to business, so keep trying. She of course had us do 10 squats too, which I dont think anyone minded considering the airconditioning was insanely cold!

Now I’ll be honest – I was completely freaking out when it came time for Tony to take to the stage. I know what he does or asks people to do when he speaks and the thought of massaging or acting in front of these people and hugging complete strangers terrified me. I hate people being in my own personal space.

Or I thought I did, or at least I used to.

But I decided that morning that I was going to go in there with no resistance, otherwise what would be the point?

It was that day I realised that Tony isn’t a motivator, he is a strategist, and he will show you where your weeds are and help you to pull them out. Every time he said raise the roof and the music came on the energy in the room lifted with everyone jumping up and down and clapping and dancing. I do love dancing after all. So that part was fun for me.

But Tony  then said right we are going to do an exercise. We had to walk up to people as if we thought they would reject us to say hi. I had the body language down pat but I realized how hard it actually is for me to act like I don’t care about people. Apparently a lot of people struggled with that exercise too. Many of us laughed after trying to be fearful.

The next exercise we had to approach people as if we knew they would love us. I found this relatively easy saying hello with a smile and I was handing out compliments more easily than I ever have.

The next exercise I honestly thought WTF I can’t do this. For a split second I wanted to hide when he said right, now you have to approach people as if they are your best friends that you haven’t seen in forever. But I talked myself out of that and ran up to the first lady I saw. From that point I was running up to everyone, or they were running up to me, males included, who proceeded to throw me in the air and kiss me on the cheek. And I was happy and enjoying it.

Now if you know me, or perhaps have read another article of mine, you would know that previously, if a male approached me I would feel unsafe and freak out that they wanted something from me. So for me to do this exercise and not want to vomit actually bought tears to my eyes. I text my husband who was up in the VIP section and said wow I think I’m finally past it.

Tony spoke for 4 hours and made some perfect statements, which I’m sure you can find them all on YouTube seeing as you can find all of his teachings on there.

Nobody warned me about his Robin Williams talk. Man that was like a slap in the face when he yelled that statement to us all. He was speaking about fulfillment and how if we don’t have fulfillment within ourselves nothing else will matter. It hit hard, and also made me appreciate how far I have come on my journey to finding fulfillment.

People always say knowledge is power but really, as Tony says and I agree, knowledge is only potential power. You have to have actions to achieve anything with that knowledge.

After 2 days of motivation and inspiration and knowledge I now have to sift through it all and decide what I want to do with it.

I spoke to one lady who said she had a nap during the currency exchange chat and I thought wow I learned so much from that talk and it actually gave me a goal to achieve.

I couldn’t imagine being there and not taking in all the knowledge I could. Each to their own though as we all learn and have different goals to achieve.

Hearing about amazon businesses and currency trading and shares and hedge funds – things I never had any interest in previously, peaked my interest and left me with the willingness to open up my eyes for other opportunities that are out there. Basically the message was even if you are a 9-5 worker there are ways of investing your money that can give you more of the freedom you desire.

My husband and I have already put into place some actions to help us move forward and achieve these great things we wish to achieve.

So was attending the congress worth it? No doubt about it!

It gave me the realization that I can handle large groups, I can participate in the exercises Tony sets up and I can create connections with people if I choose to. This coming from a person who said I will never attend a Tony event! I am sure every person who attended left with something to change their lives. Whether it was one statement from one of the speakers, or a huge amount of power after 4 hours with Tony Robbins changing our states.

Whether you are into these people’s ways of teaching or not it is up to you how much you take away. I believe in learning from everyone because everyone sees everything differently, and that is an amazing opportunity waiting to be grabbed.

I’ll leave you with this last statement – if you are going to achieve then people are going to get pissed off. Pay no mind to them. One day they will be asking you how you did it. Always remember there are no guarantees in life but we can increase our probabilities.

Until next time

Xo S

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