Boss Society 2018

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Surround yourself with those who inspire you and force you to level up.

It’s something we often hear but who actually takes heed?

I’m always looking to be surrounded by people chasing their dreams and goals. Not only because it inspires me but also because it forces me to look at myself and what I am achieving or not achieving in my life and what changes I may need to make.

Today I attended the second Boss Society Brisbane event. I also attended the first. These events are run by Kourtni and Jazz, two amazing entrepreneurial woman who met at another event and saw a gap in a market and decided to fill it.

One of the first things I noticed, at both events, was the welcoming vibe in the room. Anyone who has attended networking events would know how uncomfortable and forced those events can be. But not the Boss Society Brisbane events.

The people attending all spoke so well when introducing themselves. Some have just begun their businesses and some are immersed fully into the life of a business owner.

One question asked of the guest speakers was what to do when your family and friends aren’t supporting you and I could definitely empathize with that question.

As I’ve learnt over the years those who know you and don’t support you do so because usually they have seen where you have come from, and it’s the same place as them, but you are no longer where they are so they see you moving forward and it reminds them of that.

My husband came with me for his first time today too, at the last event there weren’t many men and he was really impressed with the event. For someone who attends chamber of commerce and other business networking events he loved how friendly and inspiring all the attendees and speakers were. He is looking forward to the next event he loved it that much!

I left Boss today feeling inspired and actually proud of myself for interacting and having conversations with others. There wasn’t a moment of forced conversation, or feeling like I’m not enough, or too much.

Any of you who have followed me for a while would know I’m an introvert and these things scare me. But I have been stepping out of my comfort zone more and attending things like these. My husband likes to say I’m actually an extrovert pretending to be an introvert but I say it’s wishful thinking on his part. When the conversation is flowing and inspiring as it was today, however, it’s quite easy to come out of my introvert shell and interact with others. I mean it’s definitely the first event I’ve been to where we were able to discuss paradigm shifts! Love that!

It feels amazing to sit and talk goals and dreams with people, but it feels even more amazing, if that’s even possible, to sit and talk with people who are taking steps to achieving those goals and dreams; people who are out there doing, chasing, achieving. Those people are my kind of people. Passion is a beautiful thing and when you see people’s entire being light up as they talk about their business you can’t help but bask in their glow.

If you have wanted to attend an event but have been too nervous to then I highly recommend buying a ticket to the next Boss event. You will feel put at ease and be ready to attend the next event with confidence. Don’t forget to come say Hi if you do, because I plan on being there too!

So if you needed a sign to attend then take this as it. Give it a go. What have you got to lose? Plus the goodie bags alone make it worthwhile attending 😝

Xo S

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