Passive income is not working more than an employee


Having a business doesn’t always mean space and freedom to do what you like when you want.

Last year Rory and I shut up shop for our business that had turnover in the millions. (Not profit for those who don’t know the difference)

And we are the happiest we have ever been!

We have spent more time together and worked so much less (Rory especially) since making this decision and taking on an offer that we never would have imagined saying yes to.

And I live the life I hear many say they desire to. Without having millions in the bank. Yet many think you need millions in the bank to be able to.

Why? Because we are great with managing money. Or I am at least 😜

If you live week to week on a paycheck what will change when you earn millions?


You will just find more ‘stuff’ to spend your money on.

Been there. Done that.

And if you know anything about labels you know you are literally paying for the tag. The clothing or shoes or glasses don’t last longer and a lot of the time come from the same factories as the cheap stuff.

Unless you are in a space of being front row at fashion week and finding investors there, where ‘expensive’ image matters, then that stuff is dead money.

When Rory and I were in China we visited a silk factory. With all the Louis Vuitton and Burberry scarves you could imagine. Without the label. They get paid $35 per label to add that tag on. So consumers then pay insane amounts for what we could have bought for the price of that label sewn on.

Having expensive clothing and shoes does nothing for quality of life.

And those companies rely on you upgrading constantly too.

As I said in a recent blog post – money conversations bore me.

Especially when coming from out of integrity places that I know many come from.

Many people speak about passive income saying it’s what they have at the same time as ‘working’ more than Rory and I do. With all the calls, posts, webinars, goal setting appointments, interruptions in catch ups etc it amounts to a lot that makes it definitely not passive income.

Not in my eyes anyway. Passive income to me is something you set up and then it pays you.

Dividends from investments is a great example. I deposit money and then a few times a year I receive my share (or dividends) in the profits of the business I invest in. I don’t have to do anything else.

So sell what you are selling but do it with truth. Don’t call it passive when it’s anything but.

If you ask me what my goals are my response is living in the moment and being the Glamma I desire to be.

I don’t have big money goals. Because we have made lots of money in the past. It comes and goes. And that’s a beautiful relationship I’ve always had with money.

Not everyone needs to have big money goals. And that is where I get sad for people who feel like that’s what they need to do to be considered successful.

If it’s for you, great! If it’s not, and you just desire a bit of extra dollars then don’t get put off track. Your track is yours for a reason.

If there is anything to take away from this blog it’s that inner knowing that is possible.

I have an inner trust that what goes out always comes back in. It has never failed me so far in my life.

You can too.

Xo S

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