Money posts are boring me


I’m tired of the posts about how much money you have made this day/month/year.

How much money you have made literally means nothing in my eyes.

Especially when many post how much they’ve made but leave out the other details.

There are people making millions who are donating for the tax breaks and not because they care and there are people making just enough who give from the depths of their heart to anyone who needs the help.

You only need to watch the feel good videos on social media to witness people giving money away to complete strangers to know this happens.

Even if I find myself asking why they are filming it it still warms the heart to know there are people out there helping.

Personally I don’t share about the things I do because I’m not significance driven. When I do a volunteer trip I share the snippets because I like to have memories pop up about it. Maybe this is why others do it too?

Instead of money why don’t you post about that sunrise you witnessed?

Post about the friends heart that you held when they desired it.

Post about the smiles you received from strangers or that you gave to them.

Post about the thing that opened you to Love.

There are so many people speaking about their money while having it leave their bank account the same day. Or it not even touching their account in the amount they state.

Don’t believe everything you read online.

Or maybe it is for manifesting abundance. Who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️

A lot of it is for show.

And that’s not just about money that statement.

Most of social media is for show and what’s happening behind closed doors is nothing like what’s posted.

And I’m over the show.

Give me the real anyday.

If you are going to share that you had an amount of money come in, then share that the same amount went out because you were so behind in bills if it did.

Money doesn’t make the person.

Truth does.

Find yours – remember yours – be yours.

The amount of times I could have shared money stories myself is too many to count. But I guess I’m not selling an abundance course so it’s not on my mind to share it either.

Xo S

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