My Spicy Flu Experience

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In a house filled with covid I was excited for my own personal control experiment.

And I can safely say I stand by my views of F the Vax.

This experiment in our house where two were double V and 3 of us aren’t.

My 13 year old was in bed for a couple of days. We had him do all the things we would for ourselves. And he was over it in no time. And I mean 1 day in bed and second day up and about again.

The 2 double V were bad then good then bad then good.

Me – I thought I was getting away without catching it.

But then I got a foggy head one day.

Woke up in sweats and pain the next. So I overdosed on all the things – vit d, vit c, zinc, snorted and gargled hydrogen peroxide, natural cold and flu tablets, liver supplements, turmeric, and my usual collagen. Plus had my diffuser going with onguard and purity and eucalyptus in it. Spent some time outside barefoot on the grass and drank copious amount of water with trace minerals in it. Also chose not to eat much as I know the body heals quicker when it’s not digesting food as well.

I bought a new ventolin inhaler because I didn’t want to have an attack and not have one because I only ever really need it when I exercise these days and haven’t used one for years.

Day 3 and I woke up feeling pretty back to normal besides a sore throat, tight chest and stuffy nose. I took all my supplements again. I had a bit of a sore, nauseous belly – probably from overdosing on the supps the day before. In the afternoon, however, the brain zaps were back and my throat started getting worse.

Day 4 and I felt fine, besides the razor blades in my throat. So lots of lemon and honey hot water was ingested this day.

Day 5 and still had razor blades in my throat. So slept and gargled a lot of salt water and also ate plenty of yummy dairy free icecream with my fruit.

Day 6 and the pain in my throat was finally subsiding. The fatigue comes in waves and in the morning a little bit of nausea.

Day 7 and my throat was no longer sore but still had a bit of a chesty cough.

I am so grateful for my trust in my body and it’s immune system. Even being an asthmatic I’ve never been worried these past couple of years.

And now I have my own personal proof.

It’s crazy to me that there are nurses and doctors who will say it’s silly and won’t help to take vitamin d or zinc or all the other things but will happily tell you to inject yourself with a whole host of things that aren’t natural.

Some may say in my house we were just lucky. But I prefer to say we do things our own way and don’t buy into the fear.

(Edited before publishing in April to add that since writing this many more friends and family have now had it with the same experience – not a single hospitalisation or death. Some had it worse than me, some had it easier)

But then I am a person who said No to my doctor when she called to tell me I had pneumonia and to get myself straight to the hospital. And got over it at home with my crazy at home remedies.

I also told the doctor No when she tried to inject me with hydrocortisone instead of sending me for tests, which turned out to be a toxic liver. Thank god I listened to myself and not that doctor.

There are far more people who have survived than have died. Don’t allow the fear to dig away at your trust in yourself.

I have a good relationship with my body. I know how to listen to her signs and what she is asking for.

Some days she asks for food that I actually don’t like. But I’ll eat it and it will taste good. That’s when I know I’m following the things I’m supposed to.

What is your relationship with your body like?

Do you have trust in it carrying you? Keeping you alive? Safe?

Or do you allow outside influences to control how you feel about it? About what it can do?

Take time each day, just 5 mins, and sit quietly listening to your body. Ask it questions. Touch it and see how it feels. Build a relationship. This could save your life one day.

Xo S

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