Who am I without the stories?

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Who am I if I’m not posting body positivity?

Will people still like me if I’m not posting that I celebrate my body daily?

Is that the only thing worth sharing that I have?

Have you ever considered who you are without your stories?

The assaults, the money, the family, the relationships, the ego, without all the things that I believe have made me, me?

The meaninglessness that comes with thinking those thoughts?

The realization that I get to be, do, have whatever I like.

It’s not because of the stories that I am who I am.

It’s because I made a choice.

I gave everything in my life a meaning and used that to pursue what I wanted, or maybe not pursue what I wanted.

If our identity is attached to a certain aspect of ourselves it can be taken away.

If I don’t want to post that content anymore does that mean I’m not worthy?

Did me sharing that content really make a difference to anyone’s lives or is that just my ego being placed up high?

Who am I without the stories?

It’s a question I ask myself repeatedly.

If I have shared something that has been a beacon of light in one persons life then it mattered. Sometimes that person was me.

It may be why I share so many things that are different. Pick a niche and stick with it they say.

My thoughts and experiences are revolving and evolving.

I don’t want to ever be so attached to a story that it stops me from moving to a new place in my life.

Yet I know when I share my body image and what I feel about it I also know that it is opening many peoples minds to a different way of thinking, and perhaps of loving.

So while I don’t always share the same things as I used to when I do, know that I am doing it because I know it may help even one person.

Whether that means I am attached to a story or not I am not sure.

Xo S

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