The weird and wonderful

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In the last week two totally random things of the same have happened to me that have made me go wtf.

The first was telling my friend about cruises and how I love them and all the stories from my cruise adventures.

Next minute the lady comes on stage and starts talking about cruises and what she used to do on them.

The other one was hopping out of the car after the Awaken event and I was slightly delirious, maybe a little hangry, but for some reason I started to sing I’m a little teapot short and stout. Don’t know why or where it came from but it happened.

Then an hour or two later we are sitting watching a magician show where he had that song as part of his routine.

My friend and I looked at each other and were like oh my gosh you/I was just singing this song.

If you believe in coincidence you will just palm it off and say it’s nothing and that’s cool.

But these two things aren’t the first two things like this that happened.

So it’s just more of an ‘I fucking love my life and the weird, wacky, wonderful things and people that are a part of it’ moment.

What are some moments like this that have happened for you in your life?

Xo S

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